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With the wide application of big data, Internet of things and other technologies

in power system, intelligent power monitoring system is an indispensable intelligent 

management support to improve the operation accuracy, efficiency and reliability of

equipment in distribution room. At present, the development and reliability of 

intelligent distribution operation and maintenance industry are closely related 

to social life and national economy. Facing the rapid increase of large public 

facilities, buildings and factories all over the country, the technical advantages 

of power monitoring system based on intelligent industrial control hardware are 

becoming more and more obvious.


Intelligent power monitoring system is generally composed of management layer 

(station control layer), communication layer (middle layer) and interval layer 

(field monitoring layer). With the help of power automation technology, computer 

technology and information transmission technology, and based on intelligent 

industrial controlhardware and other driving devices, it can realize the 

centralized management of real-time data, switching status and remote control 

of medium and low-voltage distribution systems Monitoring and protection to

meet the needs of power system automation and unattended is the development 

trend of power industry transformation and upgrading.


1. Using the powerful computing power and data storage capacity of intelligent 

industrial control hardware, the efficiency of relevant data acquisition and data 

processing of power monitoring system will be significantly improved;


2. The intelligent power monitoring system can provide a friendly man-machine interface 

to automatically convert the collected data into various real-time operation reports,

historical reports and other feedback to the staff;


3. The intelligent power monitoring system supports computer real-time display and 

automatic alarm, and can complete the functions of fault self judgment and self-processing 

by the event fault and alarm parameters designed by the customer.


The power monitoring system based on intelligent industrial control hardware can meet 

the expected results of modern power supply and distribution system in terms of timeliness,

reliability and work efficiency. With the rapid growth of urban power demand, the 

application of embedded computer in power system is still promising.